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The Golden Pupa is a key Item need to trigger the Tree Guardian miniboss fight.

General Description[]

Golden Pupas are Items that are found from random Camps in every section of the map, except for the player's Farm. Upon being picked up, they will lead the player to a giant flower bud where they will have to fight a Tree Guardian in order to open the flower. When the player discovers the Tree Guardian, a GoldenPupaSparklesAnimation.gif sparkle animation will play, revealing the Guardian. The Tree Guardian fight has two variations, with the more difficult version appearing in the second version of each Biome. Once defeated, the player will be gifted with various rewards, consisting of one Item exclusive to the "Golden Pupa loot", a ring of Fertilizer, and a random seed that can either be for a Rose, Heart Beet, or a Fruit Tree from the current Biome the flower is opened in. Due to how there are only eight separate explorable Biomes on the map, a maximum of only eight Golden Pupas can be found each run.


Golden Pupas provide a large amount of various possible rewards. The setup from Golden Pupas generally consist of a ring of Fertilizer, a seed, and an exclusive Items. Note that with the exception of Fertilizer all of the following are randomly given.

List of Possible Rewards[]

Image Name Description
Atomic Orchid Gain an upgrade everyday.
Beet Drop (Item) +25% chance to drop a Heart Beet Seed when damaged.
Bundit's Foot Increases luck by 50%.
Cleats Running tills soil.
Crampons Running cuts weeds.
Curret Much better than a regular turret.
Defibrillators Heart Beets grow instantly and gain a Heart Beet.
Dovecote Receive a scroll every morning.
Duck Wings Fly like a duck!
Extra Tractor Slot Hold an extra tractor.
Fertile Eggs Eggs sometime hatch.
Fertilizer N/A
Flamingo Friend Gain some rose seeds and roses grow instantly.
Seeds Apple Small.png
Seeds Banana Small.png
Seeds Date Small.png
Seeds Peach Small.png
Fruit Tree Sapling N/A
Glass Bottles Cows produce milk.
Seeds HeartBeet Small.png
Heart Beet Seed Grow and harvest to heal.
Megaton Tractor.png
Megaton Tractor Kills enemies, cuts weeds, matures crops, breaks soil crust, tills soil.
Mysterious Flower It smells bad.
Nasal Spray Pigs can find truffles when tilling.
Participation Trophy Crops merge without fertilizer.
Pumpkin Head Pumpkins grow around scarecrows.
Seeds Pumpkin Small.png
Pumpkin Seed N/A
Resilience Crops spread onto hard crust.
Seeds Rose Small.png
Rose Seed N/A
Soft Fur Pet farm animals to energize them.
Stats Up Increases farming and fighting stats by 2.
Seeds Sunflower Small.png
Sunflower Seed N/A
Tiny Thundercloud Zap!
Turret Stakes Turrets and scarecrows can be deployed on hard crust.


  • If the player does not pick up the Golden Pupa before returning to Town it will permanently despawn, effectively denying the player that Tree Guardian for that given Biome.
    • This can become a potential issue when attempting to obtain the Timber Achievement, due to how it requires all eight Tree Guardians to be killed.
    • Likewise, all of the above Items spawned from opening the flower will despawn permanently if the player goes into Town without picking them up.



  • Stats Up is the only traditional Item from the above list that can appear outside of Golden Pupa loot. There is an additional one that can appear in the normal Item pool.
    • Despite this, All Stats Up can only appear once at most from Golden Pupa loot each run.
  • Dandelion is the only Character that begins with any Golden Pupa loot in their starting loadout. These are Duck Wings, Cleats, and Crampons.
    • This means that Dandelion is capable of obtaining a guaranteed eleven Golden Pupa Items instead of the normal eight.
  • The Megaton Tractor is the only Tractor found through Golden Pupa loot and the only Tractor that does not have a high probability to appear each run.
  • There are 32 possible rewards that can appear from the Golden Pupa loot. Excluding Fertilizer, the various seeds, and the Megaton Tractor makes for 23 traditional Items total.