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Fume Additive is an Item that makes all friends become energized when a Tractor is used.

General Description[]

Fume Additive is an Item that can be found within common locations, including choice enemy Camps, given by Spouses, and rarely as a reward from Seasonal Festivals. Upon being picked up, all further uses of the player's Tractor will always energize their friends. This essentially acts as a free way to immediately increase productivity, which can be especially useful when paired with Farm Animals on the Farm. This Item can also be paired with Hotwire to always have instant energizing abilities on hand.


Compared to other means of energizing, Fume Additive is one of the quickest means to do so. Because of how it will create an instant burst effect it can effectively boost all friends faster than other Items, such as Soft Fur. However, because of how this Item relies on Tractor charges in order to be used efficiently it is limited by the recharge time on the given Tractor. Because of this, it can be difficult to use this Item very frequently if the player has little to no means of speeding up their Tractor's recharge rate. Furthermore, it is also possible to essentially recreate this Item through other means. The most prominent example of this is the Motivator, which already energizes all friends when used in addition to providing further benefits. Similarly, other Items when used in conjunction with each other can also recreate Fume Additive as well. Examples include Hotwire plus Garden Cry or Air Freshener plus Disco Ball. Because of this, taking this Item is highly situational on the player's current build. If they already have effective means to remake Item's effect then it will likely become less valuable to take.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect Fume Additive: