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Friends are helpers or followers which can be obtained in Atomicrops.


All friends are capable of being energized. When energized, friends move, work and attack much faster, and are surrounded by a blue light. Once the effect ends, their movement returns to normal.

There are several types of friend, with different abilities and ways to be obtained. Some will follow the player, whereas others always remain on the Farm. Friends cannot be damaged by Enemies.

Farm Animals[]

Main article: Farm Animals

Farm Animals remain on the Farm at all times, except at the end of the day when the player returns to the Town. There are four types of Farm Animal, all with a regular and upgraded version, and each type performs a specific task to help with farming:

All Farm animals are capable of being abducted by Mini U.F.O.s, effectively removing them from the farm. However, they will be returned the next day or later, encased in pods which appear around the farm. The pods take 600 damage to be destroyed, after which the animal inside is released and returns to work as normal.


Turrets are items which can be placed on the Farm and help the player to fight Enemies to defend their Crops. They are kept in the "seeds" menu in the UI, and can be "planted" on soil in the same way. Once planted they remain stationary, but can be dug up and replanted at any time.

  • Turrets are the basic turret, which fire at enemies and dealing 15 damage with each shot.
  • Currets are an upgraded turret, only obtained from defeating Tree Monsters, and deal 25 damage per shot.
  • Scarecrows do not fire shots, but deal 10 damage and push away any enemies that get close. They also block enemies' bullets.


Main article: Spouses

Spouses can be obtained by giving the relevant NPCs Roses. Once their relationship level is high enough, the player will obtain their Wedding Ring, and the spouse will join the player, following them into the Biomes as well as performing specific tasks.


Drones are a kind of turret which orbit the player, rather than needing to be placed on the Farm. This means that they can be taken into Biomes, but also have a slower rate of fire than regular turrets.

  • Drones are the basic drone, which fire at Enemies and deal 100 damage per shot.
  • The Tiny Thundercloud is only obtained from defeating Tree Monsters, and zaps enemies for 25% of their health.
  • Alien Pets have a chance of being obtained from Alien Pods left after an Alien Moon or U.F.B. fight, particularly if left for a few days. They deal 100 damage to enemies per shot, but also water Crops, till Soil and remove Weeds by passing over them.

Energizing Friends[]

Some Items can cause friends to become energized under certain circumstances.

Image Name Description
Doveotee.png Doveotee Energize all friends when you use a pigeon.
DiscoBall.png Disco Ball Energize all friends when you become energized.
FumeAdditive.png Fume Additive Energize all friends when you use a Tractor.
GardenCry.png Garden Cry Energize all friends to max when you take damage.
HeartBeetMonitor.png Heart Beet Monitor Continually energize friends when health is low.
SoftFur.png Soft Fur Pet Farm Animals to energize them.
StrawMegaphone.png Straw Megaphone Scarecrows sometimes energize nearby friends.
Zealot.png Zealot Chance to energize a friend when an Enemy is killed.
CarrotTractorHudIcon.png Carrot Tractor Become invincible for 2 seconds. Energizes all friends and turrets. Holds two charges.
Summon a new Carrot Tractor as another Carrot Tractor is dying for bonus invincibility time.