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Flowers are a collectable created through various Items.

General Description[]

Flowers are harvestable collectables that appear exclusively on the player's Farm. These can all be harvested by walking into them, cutting them, or by collecting them with the Harvest Circle. Flowers are not naturally occurring and require certain Items in order to be created from Weeds. All of the separate means to acquire Flowers are shown below.

Table of Flower Sources[]

Image Name Ability
BloodBouquet.png Blood Bouquet Turns all nearby Weeds into random Flowers when the player takes damage.
Bloomers.png Bloomers Old, fully grown Weeds will sometimes turn into Flowers.
Hipbees.png Hipbees Allows Bees and Hummingbirds to turn Weeds into Flowers.
PollenBlood.png Pollen Blood Killed Enemies will turn a nearby Weed into a random kind of Flower.
SoilpHMeter.png Soil pH Meter Flowers will grow on tilled soil in place of Weeds.
SpringChicken.png Spring Chicken Allows Chickens and Turkeys to turn Weeds into Flowers at a 50% chance.

There are four separate types of Flowers that can be created through these means. Each of these possess a separate value. All of those separate kinds are shown below.

Table of Flower Types[]

Name Image Price Sold
Yellow Flower
Blue Flower
Orange Flower
Purple Flower


Compared to other means of making Cashews, the value of each individual Flower is low compared to other individual utilities. The most prominent examples of this are many Crops and Farm Animal specific upgrades like Glass Bottles or Nasal Spray. However, because of how Flowers are used to make a normal nuisance, Weeds, into a profitable good they hold high value in that regard. This can be used to make the space towards the edge of the Farm that is normally occupied by Weeds more profitable. They also allow for Weeds to be removed quite easily, due to Flowers being able to be collected with the Harvest Circle. Flowers are only competed by the Weed collectables from Vinaigrette, which also turn Weeds into a profitable good. However, all kinds of Flowers sell for more Cashews overall, and will likely be more desired because of that.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

Because of how Flowers take root from Weeds, many Items that benefit Weeds also benefit Flowers. As such, the following is a list of Items that can affect Flowers:


  • Harvesting 1,600 Flowers in a single run awards the Florist Achievement.