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Flamingo Friend is a Golden Pupa loot Item causes Roses to grow instantly and gives the player 2 Rose seeds.

General Description[]

Flamingo Friend is an Item that can only be found in the form of Golden Pupa loot. Upon being picked up, all Roses currently planted and any planted over the rest of the run will be fully grown once planted and the player will be given 2 Rose seeds. A Flamingo will appear near the player's well to indicate that they have this item.


Compared to other means of speeding up Crop growth, Flamingo Friend is among the best, due to outright removing growing stages and watering periods for Roses. However, because of how it is specific to one Crop its versatility is limited. This is only coupled by the fact that it appears in the Golden Pupa loot.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect Flamingo Friend: