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AddDaytimeA.png This article is about the Farming Stat. For the Item, see Farming Stat Up.

The player's Farming Stat increases various aspects of their Character during the run.

General Description[]

Farming Stat improves farming abilities and Tractor cooldown. Each point of Farming Stat will make the player cut Weeds, remove Debris, water Crops, break crust, and till Soil more quickly, and will increase the amount of Water the player can carry before needing to refill at the Well. Those specific increases per Farming Stat level can be seen in the table below:

Table of Farming Stat Affects[]

FarmStatUpA-resources.assets-265.png 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Cutting Weeds 1.2 sec 0.73 sec
Watering Crops 2.27 sec 2.1 sec 1.97 sec 1.46 sec
Watering Can Size 4 8 11 17
Tilling Soil 1.7 sec 1.57 sec 1.33 sec
Breaking Crust 0.93 sec 0.89 sec 0.87 sec
Tractor Cooldown 118 sec 115 sec 86 sec
Harvest Radius 2 tiles 2.5 tiles 3.5 tiles

Notes about the above table:

  • The watering rates listed here are for Desert/Tundra Crops. Plains/Jungle Crops take twice as long to water.
  • Megacrops take twice as long to water as their normal variant. A Megacrop from the Plains/Jungle seeds will take four times longer to water than the number listed here.
  • Roses and Heart Beets water like Desert/Tundra seeds when alone and like Plains/Jungle seeds when Megacrops; for instance, with 4 Farming stat, it will take 2.1 seconds to water a standalone Rose, but 8.4 seconds to water a Mega Rose.
  • Sowing seeds is not affected by the Farming Stat in any way.
  • All testing with Tractor Cooldown was performed with Sprinkler Tractor and all permanent upgrades; testing needed to see if different Tractors have different cooldowns, and how much the permanent upgrades reduce the cooldown.


Due to how Cows seem to have a flat watering rate that is not affected by the type of crop they're watering (2.4 seconds for Cows and 1.67 seconds for Grass-Fed Cows), the player should keep that in mind when choosing which crops to water themselves and which to let any recruited Cows handle instead. For instance, with 10 Farming Stat, it would still take the player 5.84 seconds to water, say, a Mega Pineapple, but a Grass-Fed Cow could water the same crop in 1.67 seconds. However, a Turnip would take the same player only 1.46 seconds to water, while still taking the Grass-Fed Cow the full 1.67 seconds it always takes.