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The Farmhouse is the central hub from where a player can begin or resume game runs, and change certain settings. Once the Tutorial is completed for the first time, the Farmhouse becomes the default starting location.

Regular Features

The following features are available from the start (with the exception of the Sundial, which unlocks after completing Year 1).



Location: Top left

From here, the player can begin, resume or abandon a run of the game.

Once a run begins, the selected Year (difficulty) and Character cannot be changed until it is completed or cancelled. A run can only be resumed if the game is left while at Town: the menu will give the option to save the run to resume later. Otherwise, the run will be abandoned, and cannot be resumed.



Location: Top left

The Sundial becomes available once Year 1 is completed, and interacting with it allows the player to alter the Year of their next run. Once a year is completed successfully, the next year becomes available to unlock. Unlocked years can be replayed at any time, and the appearance of the Farmhouse area will change depending on the Year that is currently selected.



Location: Top left

Entering the bunker allows the player to change the Character they control. The character navigating the Farmhouse will be the one used when the player begins a new run.

Locked characters will be obscured with a question mark and unable to be selected until the requirements are met to unlock them.



Location: Left

Once per day, interacting with the butterfly will give the player the chance to take part in a "Daily Run".

Each Daily Run is set in a predetermined Year, has a 90 minute time limit, and rewards double Cornucopias. On completion, the player can see their score and ranking for that day and yesterday, compared to all other players who took part.

A display name must first be chosen to take part, which can later be changed through the "Pause" menu, under "Options" and "Gameplay". The online leaderboard itself can also be enabled or disabled through this menu.



Location: Left

The Tutorial can be revisited at any time. Doing so will play the opening cinematic and then run the player through the Tutorial again. Both can be skipped to return to the Farmhouse.

Flowerbed and Topiaries

Location: Lower left


Each time an Achievement is earned, a corresponding plant will bloom in one of the flowerbeds. Locked achievements will display their requirements on inspection.

The six shrubs to the right of the flowerbeds all require different numbers of Achievements to become Topiaries. Once unlocked, a topiary will have certain permanent effects across all runs, which can be discovered upon inspecting them.

Unlockable Features

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The following features must be unlocked through gameplay and discovery.

Home Improvements

Main article: Home Improvements

Location: Top right

Home Improvements require finding and rescuing ants from the relevant Camps (see the Ant Builder page for more information). Once at least one ant is rescued, they will take up residence in front of the Farmhouse building and offer permanent upgrades in exchange for Cornucopias. Each upgrade also gradually changes the appearance of the Farmhouse itself.

A list of all purchased Home Improvements can be viewed by interacting with the doormat in front of the Farmhouse.

Cat Trader

Main article: Cats

Location: Right

Obtaining cats requires finding and rescuing the Cat Trader from the relevant Camp, which spawns randomly while playing. Once rescued, the Cat Trader will be available at the Farmhouse.

The number of cats able to be kept at the Farmhouse can be increased by expanding the cat tower beside the crate, which requires Cornucopias.