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HogFarm animals can be rescued in the wild in order to help automate tasks on your farm. Animals are not damaged or targeted by enemies. The upgraded versions of each animal can be found in the Super variant of each area and will perform tasks more frequently than the regular versions, with extra benefits depending on the animal.

Image Name Description
Bee.gif Bee Doubles a crop's growth rate.
Bee2.gif Humming Bird Upgraded bee that doubles crops' growth rate in an area.
Cow.gif Cow Wanders your farm and waters crops for you. Takes 2.4 seconds to water any crop, even Megacrops that normally take double time to water.
Cow2.gif Grass Fed Cow Upgraded cow that waters crops very quickly, only taking 1.67 seconds per crop.
Chicken.gif Chicken Removes weeds and other objects, and lays eggs that can be collected for 10 cashews.
ChickenWeed2.gif Turkey Upgraded chicken that removes weeds and other objects, and lays speckled eggs that can be collected for 40 cashews.
Pig.gif Pig Tills soil and can occasionally break crust to expand farmable area. Can upgrade already-tilled soil to last for an extra harvest.
Pig2.gif Hog Upgraded pig that tills soil and can break crust. Also frequently charges at enemies for 100 damage, reliably helping to defend your farm.