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The Farm is the location in the middle of all four Biomes. On the map, it is shown in brown.


The farm is the only location where the player can plant Crops, which makes farming there the only way to earn Cashews and Roses.

At the start of a run, the farm is covered in hard crust, with only a 3x3 patch of tillable Soil. Without any Permanent Upgrades, the player begins with only four Potato Seeds, which means that they need to leave the Farm to find substantial amounts of Pickaxes, Fertilizer and seeds.

Water for crops can be obtained from the Well, which is located to the left of the pre-existing soil patch, and is collected automatically as the player character approaches. Some Upgrades will add pickups and other items to the well area, such as Shroom-mates and Dovecote.

As time progresses, Weeds will grow on the farm, obstructing soil and possibly turning into Weed Monsters. However, they can be cut, and may drop seeds, pickaxes and fertilizer.

Farm Animals can be found in Camps or purchased in Town, and will remain on the farm to water crops, speed crop growth, till soil or eat weeds. The farm is also the only location that Scarecrows and Turrets can be placed.

While exploring the various Biomes, it is possible for players to return to their farm instantly by using a Gopher Hole, which are found randomly in the biomes and can be seen on the map. Each gopher hole returns the player beside the farm's well, and can be used once to return the player to the location in the biome where they first used it. After this (or if the player returns to this location manually) the hole will close and cannot be used again. The Tunneler Tractor can also be used to return the player to the farm in this way.

Farm Daily Schedule[]

The player is dropped onto their farm at dawn, at which point no Enemies spawn, and any active gopher hole beside the well is closed. The player is still able to leave the farm at this point, or tend to their crops.

Once the day begins, moles and weed monsters spawn on the farm, but the player's crops are safe to leave.

At dusk, the player is prompted to return to their farm and defend their crops. Moles will vanish. If it is the third day of the season, the boss music will begin and the player will be chased by the boss gopher hole. If a Blood Moon event begins, the Moon Pursuer will chase the player back to the farm, vanishing as soon as they reach it. Attempting to leave the farm before dawn, however, will spawn the Moon Pursuer once more.

At night, a large number of new enemies will spawn on the farm, in several "waves". At the start of each wave, a new batch of enemies will spawn.

Unless a boss fight is in process, the player will not be forced to return or unable to leave, but slugs and fruit flies will eat any undefended crops. Some enemies will also leave the farm to chase the player, which can make navigating the biomes very difficult in combination with the regular biome enemies.
If it is the third day of the season, the player will be unable to leave the farm until the boss is defeated.

When the night is over, any remaining enemies will vanish, and the helicopter (or butterfly) will appear above the player with a countdown displaying. Regardless of the player's location, they will be transported to Town once the countdown ends.


Image Enemy HP Time of Day Attack
Blue Mole
Blue Mole ~70 Day

If the player has Irrigating Moles, then all times.

Travels underground. Pops up to attack by shooting a few bullets at the player.
Star-nosed Mole
Star-Nosed Mole ~260
Weed Monster
Weed Monster All times Spawns from fully-grown weeds on the farm, and shoots multiple bullets at the player's approach. Letting weeds get thick increases the chance of them spawning.
Does not appear in Years 1 and 2.
Blunderbunny 50 Night Shoots single bullets at the player. Gets exhausted after a short time, and will then run away until the next wave starts.
Slug 120 Night Tries to eat crops. Deals no contact damage, but starting on Year 2, it will chase the player and shoot bullets if no crops are planted, or if all crops have been eaten.
Banana Slug
Banana Slug
Fruit Fly
Fruit Fly 60 Night Appears in swarms. They will hover in one place before attempting to eat crops. Deals no damage to the player.
Mortar Bundit
Demobun 80 Night Throws bombs at the player with no range limit. Areas about to be hit by bombs will be highlighted, giving the player time to move.
Machine Gunner Bundit
Heavy Weapons Bundit Night Stops moving, charges for a bit, then fires a rapid stream of bullets at the player.
Sniper Bundit
Sniper Bundit 200 Night Aims at player with a red line, then shoots a fast-moving bullet. Will try to run away if approached when not lining up a shot.
Cherry Bomber
Cherry Bomber 500 Night Runs at the player and explodes. It will pause for a moment when it reaches the player's location, giving them time to move away before it blows up. It is also possible to kill it while it moves.

Blood Moon Enemies[]

Main article: Blood Moons

The following enemies only spawn during one of the three "Blood Moon" events, during which time the player is unable to leave the farm.

As with other nights, enemies will come in three "waves", with more of these enemies spawning at the start of each new wave.

Image Enemy HP Event Attack
Bundit Witch
Witch Alien Moon
Slug Moon
Flies around the Farm and will sometimes stop near the player's crops to cast a spell in a set range. This spell will affect all crops within its range by either lighting them on fire or reducing them back to their freshly sown state. Both spells will deal damage to the player if they are caught within the range. Sometimes drops a Scroll on death.
Crow Alien Moon
Slug Moon
Appears at the start of each new wave. Flies in a straight line across the screen in groups and never breaks ranks, even if the player damages it. Drops a larger amount of Fertilizer on death.
Loot Lantern
Loot Lantern 8 All Blood Moons Drifts aimlessly, dealing no contact damage. On death it drops a large amount of Fertilizer, a seed, and sometimes a Pickaxe.
Mini UFO
Mini U.F.O. Alien Moon Attempts to abduct a single Farm Animal. If successful, it will slowly flee off of the player's Farm. Sometimes also shoots a quick burst of bullets at the player.
Fire Slug
Fire Slug Slug Moon Tries to eat crops and sets all nearby crops on fire.

Boss Fights[]

Main article: Enemies#Bosses

All Boss fights take place on the farm, on the third night of each Season. The player is unable to leave the farm until the boss is defeated.

Some bosses also spawn unique enemies. As with other nights, enemies will come in three "waves", with more of these enemies spawning at the start of each new wave.

Image Enemy HP Boss Attack
Mini UFO
Mini U.F.O. U.F.B. Attempts to abduct a single Farm Animal. If successful, it will slowly flee off of the player's Farm. Sometimes also shoots a quick burst of bullets at the player.
Albino Rabbit
Albino Rabbit Bundertaker Spawns from moon craters created by Bundertaker. They chase the player, dealing contact damage, and due to their speed can quickly become overwhelming if not killed.
Baby Spider
Baby Spider Itsy Bitsy Hatch from eggs during the boss fight. They behave similarly to Desert Scorpions, and can make dodging Itsy Bitsy's bullet attacks more difficult.
Demon Veg
Demon Veg Corpse-a-Copia Remains in one place, but periodically explodes, dealing damage in a large radius around itself. Drops a large amount of Fertilizer and seeds when killed.
Demon Veg Walker
Demon Veg Walker Corpse-a-Copia Walks around slowly, firing bullets at the player and dealing contact damage. Due to its relatively small size, it can be easy to miss, particularly during more chaotic fights.
Demon Veg
Vegetaskull N/A Corpse-a-Copia Drifts across the farm, either horizontally or vertically. The longer the fight lasts, the more will spawn. Cannot be destroyed.


All Crops have a chance to be found on the farm, either by cutting Weeds or killing Enemies.