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The game's End Screen is what is displayed at the end of the run.

General Description

The End Screen is the display that appears whenever a run ends, whether it'd be in victory or in death. In it, many features are displayed, including unique backgrounds, information about the run, and a television. The specific information shown reflects the performance of the player's run.


The Leaderboard is located on the left side and features two interactable tabs, one of which shows the Online Leaderboard and the other the Local Leaderboard. The Online Leaderboard presents scores from all users who have participated for that Leaderboard, with the highest score on top. The Local Leaderboard is purely the player's own personal best, and will only be updated should they beat their previous record.

Score and Details

Scores and Details about the given run are located on the top right and features the total score and the amount of CornucopiaCostIcon.png Cornucopias the player obtained during their run. There is also one interactable tab called "Details". Clicking this will open a summary of how much score the player acquired season per season as well as during Surplus Mode. There will also be an additional 2,000 points should the player have succeeded on their run; if they have lost they will not receive this bonus. Likewise, a Year Multiplier will be displayed, the size of which corresponds to the Year the player was playing on. For example, if the player was playing on Year 7 then a Year Multiplier of x7 will be displayed.


The Television is located on the right side. It will begin with showing static but will later show a timelapse of the player's Farm. This shows the change in size of the Farm Season by Season, day by day. The Television will also show one of three badges, either a blue, red, or silver one. It will also show the player's tombstone if they were defeated during their run. Should the player have obtained victory this will not appear.

Image Name Requirement
TVStatic.gif Static None; always appears.
TVDeath.gif Death Be defeated on any Year.
TVBadgeBlue.gif Blue Badge
TVBadgeRed.gif Red badge
TVBadgeSilver.gif Silver Badge


The Background composes the entirety of the back of the End Screen. There are six possible Backgrounds that can appear, depending on whether or not player's achieved victory or not as well as what Year they were playing on. With the exception of the Carrot Death Screen, the camera will slowly zoom in on the given Background.

Image Name Requirement
DeathScreen.png Carrot Death Screen Be defeated on any Year.
VictoryScreenCabbage.png Cabbage Victory Screen Achieve a victory on Years 1 or 2.
VictoryScreenPotato.png Potato Victory Screen Achieve a victory on Years 3 or 4.
VictoryScreenCorn.png Corn Victory Screen Achieve a victory on Years 5 or 6.
VictoryScreenBroccoli.png Broccoli Victory Screen Achieve a victory on Years 7, 8, or 9.
VictoryScreenSunflower.png Sunflower Victory Screen Achieve a victory on Year 10.
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