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Duck Wings is a Golden Pupa loot Item that grants the player flight.

General Description[]

Duck Wings is an Item that can only be found in the form of Golden Pupa loot. Upon being picked up, the player is granted flight. This will be indicated by wings appearing on the character's back and they will appear to be floating over the ground. Flight allows the player to fly over gaps and Mega Crops, with the exception of Mega Trees. The player will be able to fly over the rivers and chasms that separate most zones, but not the mountains that border the tier II Plains and tier II Jungle, however they can still fly into these zones if they fly over the gap where the bridge would be. When going to a tier II zone, the mole that transports the player to and from tier II zones will not appear on the Farm unless the player uses the mole tunnel at the entrance of the tier II zone first. The player will no longer be able to purchase Bridge Pieces once Duck Wings are picked up. When attempting to do this, the merchant will exclaim, "You don't need these, you can fly!" At the end of each season, if the player performs well enough, the Mayor can award the player with a Bridge. If the player has Duck Wings and picks up this Bridge Piece, they will instead be given 100 Cashews. Duck Wings cannot spawn if the player is playing as Dandelion, as they have flight innately.


There are no other upgrades in the game that offer flight, barring Breezy. Flight allows unmatched freedom in exploration, as the player is not limited by the amount of Bridge Pieces they have. It also allows for much safer farming, as the player will no longer be blocked by Mega Crops.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect Duck Wings:


  • If the player has Duck Wings and Horse, the Horse will have a special animation.