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The Drone is a player follower that can shoot at nearby Enemies.

General Description[]

Drone are uncommon items that can be found within various locations, including from Spouses, sold in Town during Seasonal Festivals by the Rose Trader, and rarely as rewards from Seasonal Festivals. Robusta also starts with one of this item. Upon being picked up they will orbit quickly around the player and shoot at any nearby Enemies, dealing 100 damage per shot. However, they have a slow fire-rate, and therefore lower damage per second.


Drones deal significantly more damage than Turrets, at 100 over 15 respectively, making for a 85% difference in damage in total. In comparison, Turrets fire significantly quicker than Drones, making them more viable for defending Crops. However, unlike Turrets, Scarecrows, and the Curret, Drones are capable of following the player to whatever areas of the map they desire, not just being limited to the Farm. This gives Drones a complete advantage in that regard.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect Drones: