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Deervil Pen is an Item that re-opens the Deervil's Den.

General Description[]

The Deervil Pen is an Item found from the OreganoCauldron.gif Oregano Cauldron or the CauldronBronze.gif Town Cauldrons while playing as Oregacrow. There is no other way to obtain this Item. It causes the Deervil's Den to re-open, allowing the player to gain another Deervil Deal. This acts as the only way to obtain an additional Deervil Deal without the use of the Time Capsule. The Deervil Pen will not allow the player to have duplicate Deervil Deals of the same Item. The Deervil Pen can be found multiple times depending on the Deervil Deals the player has already taken and whether or not they are still active. By default, one Deervil Pen is placed in the possible Cauldron pool. However, if either or both Deervil Deal the player takes happens to be Hamsters or Irrigating Moles and their effects have been broken via taking damage, it is possible for another Deervil Pen to be placed in the pool. This Item cannot be found in the Time Capsule.


  • The interaction where multiple Deervil Pens can be found may have to do with a coding interaction where the game checks to see if the player has two Deervil Deals in their Inventory already. Because of how both Hamsters and Irrigating Moles are removed from the Inventory upon taking damage, the check will read as the player only having one Deervil Deal and will therefore grant another Deervil Pen.