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The Deervil's Den is a rare Camp.

General Description[]

The Deervil's Den may spawn in any Biome except for the first Desert and Plains areas. Upon defeating the Enemies stationed outside, the Den may be entered, and a choice between two randomized Deervil Items is offered.

While inside the Den time will not pass, and the Deervil NPC cannot be harmed nor interacted with in any way. Each Den can only be entered once and cannot be re-entered after the player leaves. The player is not required to take either one of the two Deervil Items offered and can simply leave the Den emptyhanded.

If an item is taken, the Deervil will vanish in a burst of flame, and the appearance of the Den will change from primarily purple to red and have multiple small flames appear.

DeervilsDen.png DeervilsDen 2.png

Possible Items[]

There are currently five different Items that the Deervil may offer to the player. These special upgrades cannot be found through any other means except through the Time Capsule.

Image Name Description References and Clarifications (For when descriptions are unclear) Time Capsule Possible
Hamsters.png Hamsters Infinite Fertilizer but become relentlessly pursued by Wasps. Effect ends when damage taken. ?
HeartBeetKeikis.png Heart Beet Keikis Lose all max Heart Beets except one. Gain 4 Heart Beet seeds for each max Heart Beet lost. Yes
IrrigatingMoles.png Irrigating Moles Crops don't need water but your farm attracts more Moles and they appear at night. Effect ends when damage taken. ?
Nitro.png Nitro Crops grow 10x faster but burn when thirsty. Does not affect Fruit Trees or Sunflowers. ?
ReptilianSolstice.png Reptilian Solstice Tomorrow is 2x longer but a lizard will pursue you all day. Only the daytime becomes twice as long. However, the Lizard will continue to pursue the player at night. Entire effect ends after the end of the day. ?