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The player grows a multitudinous variety of mutated Atomicrops.

Food Crops

Food crops require 1 tile to be planted.
Name Can be upgraded to Mega Crop Found in Image
Aloe Yes Desert Tier 2 AloeVera.png
Black Eyed Bean Yes Desert BlackEyedBean.png
Broccoli Yes Tundra Broccoli.png
Cabbage Yes Plains Cabbage.png
Carrot Yes Tundra Tier 2 Carrot.gif
Chili Yes Jungle Chili.png
Coffee Yes Jungle Tier 2 Coffee.png
Corn Yes Plains Corn.png
Grapes Yes Tundra Grapes.png
Onion Yes Tundra Tier 2 Onion.png
Pea Yes Tundra Pea.png
Potato Yes Farm Basket, Misc. Areas Potato.png
Pineapple Yes Plains Tier 2 Pineapple.png
Prickly Pear Yes Desert PricklyPear.png
Rice Yes Jungle Rice.png
Tomato Yes Plains Tier 2 Tomato.png
Turnip Yes Tundra Turnip.png

Fruit Trees

Trees require 2x2 tiles to be planted, and will remain after harvesting. Making them a potentially infinite source of fruit.
Name Can be upgraded to Mega Crop Found in Image
Apple Yes Tundra Apple.png
Banana Yes Jungle Banana.gif
Date Yes Desert Date.gif
Peach Yes Plains Peach.gif


Other objects that can be planted in your farm.

Name Description Can be upgraded to Mega Crop Found in Image
Rose Roses can be used to purchase certain items in town, such as Health or items during Season Festivals. They can also be given to potential Spouses to pursue Romance. No Any biome Rose.png
Turret Turrets fire at enemies and can be upgraded through various upgrades. No Enemy camps, town
Super Turret Stronger than regular turrets. No Golden Chests