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The Cow is a type of Farm Animal. Its upgraded counterpart is the Grass-Fed Cow.

General Description[]

Cows wander slowly around the Farm and water Crops. They water Megacrops in the same time as they do regular crops, which take the player twice as long to water. This, along with the fact that they can keep crops watered and growing while the player is away from the farm, makes them incredibly useful.

Some items cause watered plants to drop items, such as Seeds or Fertilizer. If cows receive these items, they will hold onto them and be marked by an exclamation point. Running into the cow will pass the items onto the player.


Cows can be bought, given, or rescued from Camps.


The first area of each Biome may have Camps containing cows. Clearing a "Farm Animals" camp of Enemies rewards the player with a choice between two farm animals, one of which is sometimes a cow. The "Upgrade" camp, which gives the player a choice between two upgrades when cleared, may offer a Cow House, which grants the player three cows immediately.


The Garden Shop in Town has a small chance to sell cows in summer for 500 Cashew.png.
At Seasonal Festivals, the Rose Market also has a chance to sell cows, in exchange for 3 RoseIcon.png, or the Cow House item for 3 RoseIcon.png. The Cow House item may also be offered by romanceable NPCs in exchange for roses. Finally, cows are a rare prize at the Seasonal Festival Casino.


Depending on the player's Yield Score at the Seasonal Festival, they may be awarded items. One of those items has a chance to be a Farm Animal, with regular farm animals more likely in spring and summer. Upgrades such as Cow House are also likely all year round.


If the player has the Glass Bottles upgrade, cows can periodically produce Milk. These appear floating over the cow, and can be collected by walking into them or by using the harvest circle. Milk sells for 60 Cashew.png each.

Related Items[]

  • BubbleShield.png Bubble Shield: Crops watered by cows will produce a shield pickup, ready for the player to collect.
  • CarrotTractorHudIcon.png Carrot Tractor: Energizes all friends when used, among other effects.
  • CattleTurretTumors.png Cattle Turret Tumors: Cows and grass-fed cows have Turrets on their backs.
  • CowHouse.png Cow House: The player instantly obtains 3 cows on receiving this item.
  • Doveotee.png Doveotee: Friends become energised when the player uses a Scroll
  • DiscoBall.png Disco Ball: Cows and other friends become energised whenever the player is.
  • FumeAdditive.png Fume Additive: Cows and other friends become energised when the player uses a Tractor
  • GardenCry.png Garden Cry: Cows and other friends become energised when the player takes damage.
  • GlassBottles.png Glass Bottles: Cows and grass-fed cows produce Milk.
  • HeartBeetMonitor.png Heart Beet Monitor: Cows and other friends are energised whenever the player is at low health.
  • SoftFur.png Soft Fur: Cows and other farm animals become energised when the player walks into them.
  • StrawMegaphone.png Straw Megaphone: Scarecrows can sometimes energize any cows or other friends close to them.
  • ThankfulCrops.png Thankful Crops: Watered crops have a chance to drop seeds and fertilizer, which cows will pick up while working.
  • ToughHide.png Tough Hide: Cows and grass-fed cows block enemy bullets, and drop 1 Fertilizer per bullet blocked.
  • WaterWitching.png Water Witching: Cows watering crops will zap nearby enemies for 50% of their health.
  • Zealot.png Zealot: Cows and other friends may become energized when an Enemy is killed.