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Corpse-a-Copia is the final boss.

General Description[]

Corpse-a-Copia is the last boss the player will face during their run. Its approached will be signaled by a violent screen shake when the player attempts to return to the Helicopter during the Winter Seasonal Festival. As soon as the player takes the Helicopter back to their Farm they will be thrust into Nuclear Winter and Corpse-a-Copia will make its sudden appearance. It is a massive amalgamation of various fruits and vegetables, with bananas for horns, cauliflower for hair, and oranges for eyes, with a kiwi composing its seemingly mystical third eye, as well as hands made from some unknown crop, making for a horrific monstrosity for players to battle and destroy.


Corpse-a-Copia will fly around the player's Farm and will mostly keep away from them. Occasionally, it will launch a fist attack, which is highlighted in a large, rectangular area and always starts out centered on the player. This attack is repeated three or four more times before stopping. It will also lower one of its hands into the player's field, pinching a match between its fingertips. After some time, it will snap its hand, which will begin to light all Crops on fire. This effect comes in a wave, lighting each column of Crops on fire individually before moving onto the next column. Corpse-a-Copia will also sometimes sprinkle some magical dust on the ground, spawning a Demon Veg on the spot, which will fire bullets at the player and rarely detonate in a large area. The boss is also capable of channeling the power of its third eye, during which it will stop moving completely but will spawn large vegetables and croissants that deal contact damage. An increased number of Vegetaskulls will spawn as well, along with Cherry Bombs and Demon Veg Walkers.


Unlike all other Enemies, Corpse-a-Copia can only be damaged by harvesting Crops. Firing a Weapon or using Tractors on it will not deal any damage. Damage dealt is primarily divided along the given tier of the Crop harvested. With some exceptions, typically more valuable Crops correlate to greater damage.

Image(s) Name(s) Damage (Small crop) Damage (Megacrop)
Seeds Aloe Vera Small.png Seeds Carrot Small.png Seeds Coffee Small.png Seeds Onion Small.png Seeds Pineapple Small.png Seeds Tomato Small.png Aloe, Carrot, Coffee, Onion, Pineapple, Tomato Unfertilized: 40
Fertilized: 74
Unfertilized: 156
Fertilized: 199
Seeds Broccoli Small.png Seeds Chili Small.png Seeds Grapes Small.png Seeds Peas Small.png Seeds Rice Small.png Seeds Turnip Small.png Broccoli, Chili, Grapes, Peas, Rice, Turnip Unfertilized: 29
Fertilized: 45
Unfertilized: 114
Fertilized: 131
Seeds BlackEyedBean Small.png Seeds PricklyPear Small.png Black Eyed Bean, Prickly Pear Unfertilized: 19
Fertilized: 29
Unfertilized: 74
Fertilized: 81
Seeds Cabbage Small.png Seeds Corn Small.png Seeds Potato Small.png Cabbage, Corn, Potato Unfertilized: 81
Fertilized: 94
Seeds Pumpkin Small.png Pumpkin Unfertilized: ?
Fertilized: ?
Unfertilized: ?
Fertilized: ?
Oregano Unfertilized: ?
Fertilized: ?
Unfertilized: ?
Fertilized: ?
Seeds Sunflower Small.png Sunflower Unfertilized: N/A
Fertilized: 2
Unfertilized: N/A
Fertilized: 10
Seeds Rose Small.png Rose Unfertilized: 50
Fertilized: N/A
Unfertilized: 50
Fertilized: N/A
Seeds Date Small.png Seeds Peach Small.png Date, Peach Unfertilized: ?
Fertilized: 45
Unfertilized: ?
Fertilized: 56
Seeds Apple Small.png Seeds Banana Small.png Apple, Banana Unfertilized: ?
Fertilized: 51
Unfertilized: ?
Fertilized: 61

Any other collectables that can be sold for Cashew.png Cashews can also damage Corpse-a-Copia.

Image(s) Name(s) Damage
ChickenEggSellableIcon.png Egg (from Chickens) 40*
TurkeyEggSellableIcon.png Speckled Egg (from Turkeys) 85
MilkSellableIcon.png Milk (from Cows with Glass Bottles) 104
Milk2SellableIcon.png Cream (from Grass-Fed Cows with Glass Bottles) 127
TruffleSellableIcon.png Truffle (from Pigs or Hogs with Nasal Spray) 184
WeedFlower1.png WeedFlower2.png WeedFlower3.png WeedFlower4.png Flowers (any varierty) 4
WeedSellableIcon.png Weeds (from Vinaigrette) ?

*Found on a previous version; may have increased in Patch 1.5.3f1 due to increasing the base value of Eggs.

Difficulty Scaling[]

The max health of Corpse-a-Copia increases depending on the Year, as well as the frequency of some of their attacks.

Surplus Mode[]

Main article: Surplus Mode

After Corpse-a-Copia is defeated Surplus Mode will begin, granted players have unlocked it by beating Year 3. Once unlocked the event will begin after any and all Corpse-a-Copia kills. This acts as a short opportunity to utilize leftover farming means and to gain additional score and Cornucopias. During this event, Corpse-a-Copia will become completely harmless, and no attacks or additional Enemies will pursue the player anymore.


  • Doom and Bloom (1.3.0f1): "Doubled Final Boss Health"
  • Feline Good: "Reduced health of final boss by 20% in later years."
  • Feline Good: "Difficulty of final boss fight ramps up faster."
  • Feline Good: "Demon Vegetables during final boss fight fire lines of bullets and have increased range in later years."