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The Chicken is a type of Farm Animal. Its upgraded counterpart is the Turkey.

General Description[]

Chickens wander the farm, eating Weeds and other debris, enabling the player to plant Crops or break crust more easily. They also lay Eggs, making chickens and turkeys the only farm animals which do not need an Item to create sellable produce.

Weeds sometimes drop Seeds or Fertilizer when cut, made more likely if the player has Succulent Weeds. If chickens uncover these items, they will hold onto them, and be marked by an ExclamationMarkIconAnimation.gif exclamation point. Running into the chicken will pass the items onto the player.


Chickens can be bought, given, or rescued from Camps.


The first area of each Biome may have Camps containing chickens. Clearing a "Farm Animals" camp of Enemies rewards the player with a choice between two farm animals, one of which is sometimes a chicken. The "Upgrade" camp, which gives the player a choice between two upgrades when cleared, may offer an Egg Carton, which grants the player three chickens immediately.


The Garden Shop in Town has a small chance to sell chickens in summer for 200 Cashew.png.
At Seasonal Festivals, the Rose Market also has a chance to sell chickens, in exchange for 2 RoseIcon.png, making them the cheapest farm animal to buy in the game. The Egg Carton item, worth three chickens, sometimes sells for 3 RoseIcon.png, but the chance of it appearing is much lower due to the number of different upgrades available. The Egg Carton item may also be offered by romanceable NPCs in exchange for roses.
Finally, chickens are a rare prize at the Seasonal Festival Casino.


Depending on the player's Yield Score at the Seasonal Festival, they may be awarded items. One of those items has a chance to be a Farm Animal, with regular farm animals more likely in spring and summer. Upgrades such as Egg Carton are also possible all year round.


Chickens lay Eggs by default, which sell for 10 Cashew.png each, and appear on the ground around the farm. Eggs can be picked up by walking over them or using the harvest circle.
If the player has the Spring Chicken upgrade, chickens may turn Weeds into Flowers, worth between 5 and 20 Cashew.png, with purple flowers being the most valuable.

Related Items[]

  • AvianPlancenta2.png Avian Placenta: Eggs drop Fertilizer when picked up.
  • CarrotTractorHudIcon.png Carrot Tractor: Energizes all friends when used, among other effects.
  • AvianPlancenta2.png Chicken Caliochory: Eggs drop a Seed when picked up.
  • AddTimeWeedCut.png Chrono Weeds: Adds a tiny amount of time to the day each time a weed is destroyed, including by chickens.
  • Doveotee.png Doveotee: Chickens and other friends become energised when the player uses a Scroll.
  • DiscoBall.png Disco Ball: Chickens and other friends become energised whenever the player is.
  • EggCarton.png Egg Carton: The player instantly obtains 3 chickens on receiving this item.
  • FertilizedEggs.png Fertile Eggs: Every chicken egg the player picks up has a chance of hatching into a new chicken.
  • FumeAdditive.png Fume Additive: Chickens and other friends become energised when the player uses a Tractor.
  • GardenCry.png Garden Cry: Chickens and other friends become energised when the player takes damage.
  • HeartBeetMonitor.png Heart Beet Monitor: Chickens and other friends are energised whenever the player is at low health.
  • Laxative.png Laxative: Chickens and other farm animals periodically drop Fertilizer.
  • PsychoactiveWeeds.png Psychoactive Weeds: Weeds eaten by chickens will leave a pickup in their place, ready for the player to collect.
  • RazorWeeds.png Razor Weeds: When chickens eat weeds, they will deal 120 damage to nearby Enemies.
  • SoftFur.png Soft Fur: Chickens and other farm animals become energised when the player walks into them.
  • SpringChicken.png Spring Chicken: Chickens have a 50% chance of turning the weeds they eat into Flowers instead.
  • StrawMegaphone.png Straw Megaphone: Scarecrows can sometimes energize any chickens or other friends close to them.
  • WeedHarvest.png Vinaigrette: Every weed removed earns the player 2 Cashew.png, including weeds eaten by chickens.
  • Zealot.png Zealot: A chicken or another friend may become energized when an Enemy is killed.