Atomicrops Wiki

At the start of each game the player begins without seeds, a pea shooter, 9 tillable soil tiles, a watering can, no fertilizer, a character specific item and with 0 attack and 0 farming. Permanent upgrades can increase these starting conditions. There is a sack of potatoes containing 4 potato seeds next to the character.

For information about love Interests, see Spouses.

For information about NPCs, see Townsfolk.

Portrait Name Traits Unlock
Lavender - copia.png
Lavender All crops grow 20% faster.

Starts with 2 bees.

This is the starting character that is unlocked by default.
Rye 50% Chance for gun to repair at the end of the day.

Starts with a turret.

Unlocked by beating Summer.
Robusta Everything is faster.

Starts with a drone.

Unlocked by beating Year 2.
Dandelion Unique "ICY" movement system.

Starts with Flying, Cleats and Crampons.

Unlocked by clearing a unique Giant Pod Camp that can spawn in Tier 2 Biomes.
Thyme Days are 50% longer.

Taking damage cuts 20 seconds off of the current day's length.

Starts with a pig.

Unlocked by beating Year 4