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Characters are the playable cast of the game.

General Description[]

At the start of each run the player begins without seeds, a Pea Shooter, 9 tillable soil tiles, a Watering Pail, no Fertilizer, one or more Character Specific Items, and with zero Farming Stat and zero Fighting Stat. Home Improvements can increase these starting conditions. There is a basket of Potatoes containing 4 Potato seeds next to the Character.

For information about love Interests, see Spouses.

For information about NPCs, see Townsfolk.

Portrait Name Traits Unlock
Lavender - copia.png
Lavender All crops grow 20% faster.

Starts with 2 bees.

This is the starting character that is unlocked by default.
Rye Purchased guns always gain a bonus mod.

Starts with a turret.

Unlocked by beating Summer.
Robusta Everything is faster.

Starts with a drone.

Unlocked by beating Year 2.
Dandelion Unique "ICY" movement system.

Starts with Flying, Cleats and Crampons.

Unlocked by clearing a unique DandelionUnlockPod.gif Giant Pod Camp that can spawn in Tier 2 Biomes.
Thyme Days are 50% longer.

Taking damage cuts 20 seconds off of the current day's length.

Starts with a pig.

Unlocked by beating Year 4.
Oregacrow All dropped seeds are corn or roses.

Harvest large crops to gain increasingly higher tier seeds. The highest tier seed is oregano. Cook crops in cauldrons for health and loot.

Unlocked by purchasing the Reap What You Crow DLC.