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Cats are late-game pets that are largely cosmetic, but can also apply small, permanent Stat bonuses via Cat Plushies.

General Description[]

Cats are in-game pets. Cats will roam around the player's Farmhouse. They provide no bonuses until players have matching Cat Plushies, at which point they provide permanent Stat bonuses.


Cats can purchased from the Cat Crate next to the Cat Trader in exchange for Cornucopias or obtained after winning a run. The type of Cat gained depends on what Year they were playing on and addition to their LuckStatIcon.png Luck. Higher Years and higher LuckStatIcon.png Luck will award higher quality Cats. Once the player has acquired Cats they can spend CornucopiaCostIcon.png Cornucopias to reroll one Cat into another Cat of the same tier or to "upgrade" 3 of the same Cat into a random Cat of the next tier.

Cat Plushies[]

Cat Plushies are collectable toys that players can find during their runs. They are found in any and all Biomes except the player's Farm, the basic Desert, and the basic Plains; essentially, they can be found anywhere that requires a BridgeRepairKit Icon.png Bridge Repair Kit to enter. Cat Plushies will spawn during any and all Years; no Cat Plushies are specific to certain ones. Furthermore, no Cat Plushies are specific to any specific kind of Biome. However, only one can spawn per run. Note that there are only Plushies for Tier 1 through Tier 6 Cats; Top Tier Cats do not have their own Plushies.

Upon being picked up, Cat Plushies will immediately be saved and unlocked. This means that players can quit their current run right after picking one up and still unlock the given Cat Plushie. After being unlocked all Cat Plushies will provide additional Stat increases per each one of the given Cat the player has at their Farmhouse. All Cat Plushie benefits are shown next to their respective Cat below.

When the player has acquired all eighteen different Cat Plushies, a secret reward in the form of a disco floor will appear underneath the Cat Plushie area. This reward is purely cosmetic and does not provide additional bonuses to Cats or Cat Plushies.

Cat Capacity[]

Cat Capacity limits the maximum number of Cats the player can have at once, with each Cat filling 1 capacity. Capacity appears in the top left of the screen when in the Farmhouse area. By interacting with the Cat Tower above the Cat Trader, the player can spend CornucopiaCostIcon.png Cornucopias to permanently increase their capacity. The absolute maximum number of Cats that can be kept at one time is 200.

Level Capacity Cost Total Cost
1 15 CatIcon.png 0 CornucopiaCostIcon.png 0 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
2 30 CatIcon.png 30 CornucopiaCostIcon.png 30 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
3 50 CatIcon.png 50 CornucopiaCostIcon.png 80 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
4 100 CatIcon.png 100 CornucopiaCostIcon.png 180 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
5 150 CatIcon.png 150 CornucopiaCostIcon.png 230 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
6 200 CatIcon.png 200 CornucopiaCostIcon.png 430 CornucopiaCostIcon.png

Tier 1[]

Can't be rerolled because there is only one type of tier 1 Cat.


  • Upgrade: 2 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
  • Reroll: N/A
Name Image Plushie Perk Plushie Image
Scruffy Grey Cat ScruffyGreyCat 0.png +0.005% GunRepairStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyScuffyGrey.png

Tier 2[]


  • Upgrade: 4 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
  • Reroll: 2 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
Name Image Plushie Perk Plushie Image
Dusty Ginger CatDustyGinger 0.png +0.005% BeetDropStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyDustyGinger.png
Dirty White CatDirtyWhite 0.png +0.005% BarkSkinStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyDirtyWhite.png

Tier 3[]


  • Upgrade: 6 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
  • Reroll: 3 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
Name Image Plushie Perk Plushie Image
Tuxedo CatTuxedo 0.png +0.01% HomingPigeonStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyTuxedo.png
Bengal CatBengal 0.png +0.01% LuckStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyBengal.png
Calico CatCalico 0.png +0.01% JumpStartStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyCalico.png

Tier 4[]


  • Upgrade: 8 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
  • Reroll: 4 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
Name Image Plushie Perk Plushie Image
Himalayan CatHimalayan 0.png +0.015% BarkSkinStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyHimalayan.png
Shiny Black CatShinyBlack 0.png +0.015% LuckStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyShinyBlack.png
Siamese CatSiamese 0.png +0.015% BeetDropStatIcon.png per Cat CatToySiamese.png
Sphynx CatSphynx 0.png +0.015% GunRepairStatIcon.png per Cat CatToySphynx.png

Tier 5[]


  • Upgrade: 8 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
  • Reroll: 4 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
Name Image Plushie Perk Plushie Image
Cyber Cat CatCybercat 0.png +0.02% JumpStartStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyCyber.png
Yorkie CatYorkie 0.png +0.02% GunRepairStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyYorkie.png
Enormo CatEnormo 0.png +0.02% BeetDropStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyEnormo.png
Cosmic CatII 0.png +0.02% LuckStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyCosmic.png

Tier 6[]


  • Upgrade: 4 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
  • Reroll: 2 CornucopiaCostIcon.png
Name Image Plushie Perk Plushie Image
Void CatVoid 0.png +0.03% LuckStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyVoid.png
Crop Cat CatCropcat 0.png +0.03% JumpStartStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyCrop.png
Fireball CatFireball 0.png +0.03% HomingPigeonStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyFireball.png
Rainbow CatRainbow 0.png +0.03% BarkSkinStatIcon.png per Cat CatToyRainbow.png

Top Tier[]

Main article: Cat Shrines

Unlike other most other Cats, Top Tier Cats cannot be rerolled or upgraded. Instead, they are the highest possible quality Cats available, and the player can only have one of each kind. These Cats also do not have a Cat Plushie associated with each of them. In addition, each Top Tier Cat has a respective, optional challenge modifier that is unlocked with it. See Cat Shrines page for more info.

Name Image
Spring CatSeasonSpringPortrait.png
Summer CatSeasonSummerPortrait.png
Fall CatSeasonFallPortrait.png
Winter CatSeasonWinterPortrait.png
Nuclear Winter CatSeasonAtomicPortrait.png