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Cat Shrines are late-game challenge modifiers.

General Description[]

Cat Shrines are optional challenge modifiers available for players to test their skills in. There are five Cat Shrines in all, each one offering a unique challenge for players to experience. They are toggled on or off at the player's Farmhouse in the right side area. Players are free to toggle on or off as many Cat Shrines as they desire; there is no requirement as to how many need to be on at once. With the exception of Daily Runs, once toggled on Cat Shrines will affect all future runs until they are turned off.


By default the player's save begins with zero Cat Shrines accessible to them. Each one must be unlocked in order to become available for use. This is done by acquiring each Tier 7 Cat, with each kind of Cat corresponding to unlocking the Cat Shrine of the same name. The specifics can be see below:

Name Cat Image Cat Shrine Unlock Cat Shrine Image
Spring Cat CatSeasonSpringPortrait.png Spring Cat Shrine SpringStatueSelected.png
Summer Cat CatSeasonSummerPortrait.png Summer Cat Shrine SummerStatueSelected.png
Fall Cat CatSeasonFallPortrait.png Fall Cat Shrine FallStatueSelected.png
Winter Cat CatSeasonWinterPortrait.png Winter Cat Shrine WinterStatueSelected.png
Nuclear Winter Cat CatSeasonAtomicPortrait.png Nuclear Winter Cat Shrine AtomicStatueSelected.png

Types of Cat Shrines[]

As mentioned, there are five varieties of Cat Shrines available to the player. Each one presents its own custom challenge for the player to experience in their future runs should they be toggled on. Note that despite the potentially misleading names, each Cat Shrine affects the entire run, not just the given Season mentioned in their name.

Spring Cat Shrine[]

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The Spring Cat Shrine is the left-most one of the five Cat Shrines. Toggling it on will remove the player's invincibility frames but will provide one extra Farming Stat, one extra Fighting Stat, and an additional +10% Beet Drop and +20% Luck.

Summer Cat Shrine[]

Main article: Summer Cat Shrine

The Summer Cat Shrine is the second left-most one of the five Cat Shrines. Toggling it on will grant an additional +50% health to all Enemies but will also increase the duration of all Mushrooms by ten seconds and grant an additional +10% Homing Pigeon.

Fall Cat Shrine[]

Main article: Fall Cat Shrine

The Fall Cat Shrine is the middle one of the five Cat Shrines. Toggling it on will cause small Heart Beets to not heal and will make Mega Heart Beets only heal one health but will provide an additional +5% Beet Drop and +10% Luck. In addition, the Pea Shooter will gain an additional +30% critical strike chance.

Winter Cat Shrine[]

Main article: Winter Cat Shrine

The Winter Cat Shrine is the second right-most one of the five Cat Shrines. Toggling it on will greatly increase the amount of Enemies that spawn in addition to spawning extra Enemies on the the player's Farm. It will also provide an additional +10% Bark Skin and +10% Luck.

Nuclear Winter Cat Shrine[]

The Nuclear Winter Cat Shrine is the right-most one of the five Cat Shrines. Toggling it on will cause a Boss to spawn on every normally non-boss night in addition to the normal boss nights. It will also provide an additional +10% Luck and +10% Jump-Start and make the player become energized with fewer tasks.