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Can Crabs are a type of Enemy in Atomicrops.

General Information[]

Can Crabs have the appearance of animated slime or oil, wearing its container as a shell. There are two different kinds, depending on the section of the Desert in which they are found.


Can Crabs are exclusive to the Desert areas, and are found only in Camps. When undisturbed, they appear to be a stationary waste barrel or jerry can. However, if they or another Enemy in the camp are attacked, they will become aggressive.

They wander randomly a short distance, before pausing and shooting five rows of bullets at the player. This attack will not be interrupted even if they are damaged by the player, and they do not move while attacking. Can crabs themselves deal no contact damage.

Because of this, and the brief pause before they begin shooting, their attack is relatively easy to dodge, giving the player time to move out of the way and kill them while they are unable to move. However, the sheer size of the attack makes it troublesome, so it may be beneficial to kill any active Can Crab first, so it does not interrupt the player from a distance while they are clearing a camp. Weapons or upgrades with splash damage, or the homing upgrade for the Spud Rifle, may be detrimental if they accidentally hit and aggravate a Can Crab without killing it.

Difficulty scaling[]

The max health of Can Crabs increases depending on the Year, as does the speed of their bullets.

Health on Each Year (Desert 1 Type)
Year 1 Year 2* Year 3* Year 4* Year 5* Year 6* Year 7* Year 8* Year 9* Year 10
120 131 141 152 163 173 184 195 205 216
Health on Each Year (Desert 2 Type)
Year 1 Year 2* Year 3* Year 4* Year 5* Year 6* Year 7* Year 8* Year 9* Year 10
400 436 471 507 542 578 613 649 684 720
  • (*) - Estimated using linear interpolation, these values are not exact.

Elite Enemies[]

From Year 4 onwards, it is possible to encounter Elite Can Crabs.

Level 1 Can Crab[]

Level 2 Can Crab[]

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  • In the game files, this enemy is known as "Oil elemental".
  • Barrels with the appearance of the first can crab's shell can be seen in the Town.