Atomicrops Wiki

Each area of the wasteland has numerous enemy camps scattered around it, which deliver loot upon being cleared out. All of a camp’s Enemies must be defeated (even if they roam away from the camp) to receive the reward.

Enemies belonging to a camp are marked with a pink icon CampSymbol.png to differentiate them from other monsters.

Once a camp is cleared, the loot will be dropped and its flag will no longer fly. Camp enemies do not respawn, with the exception of the "Rusty Car" camp.

Tier I Areas[]

The first Desert and Plains locations are Tier I, and are available at the start of the game.

Camp Name Image Rewards
Squirrel Biome specific seeds
Flamingo 1-2 Rose seeds
Crate 1-5 Pickaxes
Bulb Biome specific seeds, and a good chance of Pickaxes, Rose seeds and Heart Beet seeds.
Pigeon House Choose one Pigeon Scroll from the two offered.
Tractor A Tractor (Excluding the Megaton tractor)
Farm Animal Choose one Farm Animal, Scarecrow, Drone or Turret from the two offered.
Upgrade Choose one Upgrade from the two offered.
Rusty car None.
Enemies at this camp respawn each day, and there is no reward for clearing it.

Tier II Areas[]

The first Jungle and Tundra locations are Tier II, and each requires 1 BridgeRepairKit Icon.png Bridge Repair Kit to unlock.

All camps available to Tier I areas can appear in Tier II areas, although the Pigeon House camp now awards the stronger Dove Scrolls. Two other kinds of camps may also spawn.

Camp Name Image Rewards
Altar Choice of:
Deervil's Den Choose one Deervil Item from the two offered.

High Tier Areas (III and IV)[]

These are the second locations in each biome, and may have any of the camps listed above, as well as special camps.
With exception of the "Rescue camp", all the other special camps are limited to 1 per area and all 4 are guaranteed to appear.

Camp Name Image Rewards
Squirrel King Upgrades all low tier seeds in your inventory into high tier seeds.
Fat Worm Gain a very large amount of Fertilizer, with a chance for a Heart Beet seed.
Corral Gain all farm animals in the corral, with a chance for a Heart Beet seed.
Upgrade Chest Gain three Upgrades, with a chance for a Heart Beet seed.
Stat Altars Choice of:
Rescue camp Unlock an NPC or playable character. Once all applicable characters and NPCs have been unlocked, this camp will no longer appear.

Tree Monsters[]

Once per Biome, clearing a camp will reward the player with a Golden Pupa. Picking this up and following the pupa will spawn the Tree Monster miniboss and a closed bulb.
Tree Monster bulb Defeating the Tree Monster (and any other spawned enemies) will cause the bulb to open, rewarding the player with fertilizer, a rare seed, and a Boss Upgrade.