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Each area of the wasteland has numerous enemy camps scattered around it. Concentrating on clearing these out is crucial to getting loot. A camp’s enemies are marked with a special pink icon to differentiate them from normal monsters – you have to kill all of a camp’s enemies (even if they roam away from the camp) before receiving the reward.

Tier I Areas[edit | edit source]

Camp Name Image Rewards
Squirrel Biome specific seeds
Flamingo Rose seeds
Crate Random number of pickaxes (1-5)
Pigeon House Choice of two low tier Scrolls
Tractor Tractor
Green Chest Random assortment of biome specific seeds, special seeds, pickaxes and fertilizer.
Farm Animal Choice of one farm animal, scarecrow, or a turret.
Item Choice of one Item.
Rusty car None.

Tier II Areas[edit | edit source]

In addition to all camps available to tier I areas, tier II areas can have an altar and the Pigeon House now gives high tier Scrolls.

Camp Name Image Rewards
Pigeon House Choice of two high tier Scrolls
Altar Choice of:

High tier Areas (III and IV)[edit | edit source]

High tier areas have special camps. With exception of the "Rescue camp", all the other special camps are limited to 1 per area and all 4 are guaranteed to appear.

Camp Name Rewards
Elder Squirrel Upgrades all Low tier seeds in your inventory into High tier seeds.
Fat Worm Gives a very large amount of Fertilizer, with chance for Heart Beet Seeds as well.
Large Animal Pen Multiple farm animals. Unlike normal Animal camps, you don't have to choose; you get every animal in the pen when clearing the Camp.
Stat Altars Choice of:
Rescue camp Unlock an NPC or character. Once all applicable characters and NPCs have been unlocked, this camp will no longer appear.

Miniboss Tree Monsters[edit | edit source]

All areas have a special camp with a miniboss tree monster that appears after grabbing the golden pupa. Defeating all enemies in the camp rewards you with a golden chest which contains fertilizer, a random item, a random special seed and sometimes random additional seeds and/or pickaxes.