Bridge Repair Kit

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The Bridge Repair Kit allows players to access later Biomes.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Bridge Repair Kits are a key currency used in exploring the entire map. They are primarily acquired by buying them from the Bridge Merchant in Town for 100 Cashew.png each. The player can only purchase a maximum of three Bridge Repair Kits per day. This is, unless the player has Duck Wings, in which the Bridge Merchant will state, "You can fly! You don't need these." and prevent the player from purchasing any Bridge Repair Kits. Furthermore, Bridge Repair Kits can be obtained from the Mayor should the player preform well on their seasonal harvest. The Mayor will only award a maximum of one Bridge Repair Kit per season. Should the player have Duck Wings, these free Bridge Repair Kits will provide 100 Cashew.png when picked up instead of being added to the inventory.

Bridge Repair Kits are used to access all Biomes that don't allow free access like the Desert and Plains. These include accessing the later Desert and Plains Biomes in addition to both the base and later Jungle and Tundra Biomes. Once the player repairs the bridge to the given Biome they will have permanent access to it for the remainder of that run and will never need to repair that given bridge again. The exact amount of Bridge Repair Kits needed in order to access each biome can be seen below:

Image Biome Name Bridge Repair Kits Required
Tier I Jungle 1 BridgeRepairKit Icon.png
Tier I Tundra 1 BridgeRepairKit Icon.png
Tier II Desert 2 BridgeRepairKit Icon.png
Tier II Plains 2 BridgeRepairKit Icon.png
Tier II Jungle 3 BridgeRepairKit Icon.png
Tier II Tundra 3 BridgeRepairKit Icon.png