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Breezy is an Item that gives the player the effects of Duck Wings, Cleats, and Crampons but causes controls to be slippery.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Breezy is an Item that Dandelion has inherently. There is no other way to obtain this Item. When playing as Dandelion, the player will start with Duck Wings, Cleats, and Crampons. These items will also be removed from the Golden Pupa item pool, effectively shrinking the pool. However, Dandelion will also have a unique "icy" movement system. This means that it can be difficult to start moving, stop moving or change direction, as Dandelion is "frictionless" and needs "force" to stop or change direction. Movement speed upgrades, Fighting Stat upgrades, and Dandelion Puffs can increase the "force" that Dandelion generates, improving controllability greatly. Horse cannot be found when the player has Breezy.