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The Blunderbloom is a blunderbuss-like weapon capable of dealing increased damage at close range and firing long-ranged projectiles.

General Description[]

The Blunderbloom is a Weapon that can be purchased in the Town. It fires an initial blast in front of the player that deals 40 base damage, and then spits out an orb that slowly travels forward, repeatedly damaging Enemies it passes through for 30 base damage. It has a range of 12 tiles, a default clip size of 2 shots, and it reloads one shot per second. The initial blast covers an area roughly 2x2 tiles in front of the player.


The Blunderbloom is a potentially confusing weapon, as the damage bonus it provides for being up-close seems to imply that the gun is meant to be used right in the opponent's face. This is also prompted by how this ability is unique to only this Weapon. However, unlike most guns it has a very long range of 12 tiles, and the orb projectile can repeatedly knock enemies back, damaging them over and over. As such, it's better to view the initial blast as a means of pushing enemies away if they get too close, rather than the central focus of the weapon. As it passes through any Enemies it touches, it is a good Weapon for use against crowds of weak enemies, such as the Bats in the Plains, or the Beetles in the Jungle.


The Blunderbloom has the following possible upgrades:

Triple Shot[]

Allows this Weapon to fire three bullets instead of one per shot. Note that despite three bullets being fired only one unit of ammo in the clip will be consumed. In some cases this can potentially triple the damage output from this gun.

Faster Reload[]

Increases the reload speed of this Weapon by a certain amount.

+Clip Size[]

Increases the clip size from two shots to three shots total.


Increases the size of each individual bullet to be roughly double its' initial size.

Bullet Orb[]

Allows each projectile fired to continuously fire off their own bullets at a consistent rate in several directions around the initial bullet. Each one of these bullets deals a smaller amount of damage from it's home bullet. This effect lasts for the remaining duration of the initial bullet.

Shots drop ammo replenishing flowers[]

When expired, bullets will occasionally create floating flowers that can be collected to refill ammo.