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The Biodegrader is weapon capable of dealing damage in a large area.

General Description[]

The Biodegrader is a Weapon that can be purchased in the Town. It has a 6 tile range and slowly fires grenades with a base damage of 80 each.


High damage output and AOE, but slow to shoot and recharge, with limited accuracy.


The Biodegrader has the following possible upgrades:

Triple Shot[]

Allows this Weapon to fire three bullets instead of one per shot. Despite three bullets being fired, only one unit of ammo in the clip will be consumed. However, the damage of each individual grenade is reduced by about 25%.

Faster Reload[]

Increases the reload speed of this Weapon by a certain amount.

+Clip Size[]

Increases the clip size.


Increases the size of each individual bullet.


The grenades leave fire where they explode, damaging any Enemies which are caught in it. This fire does not effect Crops.