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Berries are a potential Cashew source in Atomicrops.

General Description[]

There are four different kinds of berries, with each type being found in a different Biome. The berries found in a biome's second area are also a larger and more valuable version of the regular berry.

In every run, there are eight berry patches in total: one in each biome section. At the start of the year, there may be only one or two berry bushes in a patch, but more bushes will appear as the year progresses. The bushes in a patch are gathered around a large structure (such as a tree or statue) which depends on the biome: this can sometimes obscure smaller enemies such as Roaches or Jungle Beetles, so care should be taken when foraging.

Berries must be collected by walking through brushes with fruit: the harvest circle will not pick them up. One berry is obtained per fruiting bush, and it takes at least a day for berries to regrow, often requiring longer.

The locations of berry patches are not marked on the map.


Image Name Price Sold Location
Blueberry 10 Cashew.png Plains 1
20 Cashew.png Plains 2
Gooseberry 10 Cashew.png Desert 1
20 Cashew.png Desert 2
Blackberry 15 Cashew.png Tundra 1
30 Cashew.png Tundra 2
Orange berry 15 Cashew.png Jungle 1
30 Cashew.png Jungle 2

Related Items[]

DoubleCream.png Double Cream: Collecting berries reduces the Tractor cooldown time, with more valuable Berries having a greater effect.