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Beet Drop is a Golden Pupa loot Item that increases the player's chance to drop a Heart Beet Seed seed on being hit by 25%

General Description[]

Beet Drop is an Item that can only be found in the form of Golden Pupa loot. Upon being picked up, the player's Beet Drop chance will increase by 25%. This stacks additively with Beet Drop bonuses from Topiaries and Home Improvements. The player can see their Beet Drop stat at any tine in the Inventory screen, indicated by a percentage next to a heart icon. When Beet Drop activates, "Beet Drop" will appear above the players head and a Heart Beet Seed will appear on the ground. The player still needs to pick up the Heart Beet seed. Beet Drop can still activate if the player is protected from damage by Bark Skin.


This Item greatly increases the survivability of the player. It pairs very well with healing Items like Defibrillators and Chill Beets due to providing more Heart Beet Seeds for the player to utilize. In addition, this Item pairs well with Items that incentivize taking damage, including Hotwire, Fraidy Fert, Garden Cry, and more. This is due to how Beet Drop can be used to counteract the downside of these Items.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect Beet Drop (Item):