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Beeson are a type of Enemy in Atomicrops.

General Information[]

There are three types of beeson, which are found in all four Biomes, but vary in location and HP:
Brown (level 1) beeson are commonly found in the first Biome sections. Red (level 2) beeson are found in both sections, particularly where the two meet. Blue beeson (level 3) are usually only found in the second Biome sections. See the "Enemy" sections on each Biome's page for information on which beeson appear.



With the appearance of flying cattle, beeson are non-hostile enemies that nonetheless deal damage to the player on contact. They drift across the Biomes in herds.

Beeson do not deliberately attack the player, and killing them is not required to clear any Camps. However, they can appear suddenly, and are capable of passing through the cliffs and ravines which border the Biomes. They are also able to pass through all other obstacles, including the walls or ditches in Camps, which can make navigating other Enemies and attacks more difficult. Beeson separated from the main herd also gain a speed boost as they catch up, making the movements of any stragglers more difficult to avoid.

Due to their number and speed, Weapons with a large area of effect or splash damage are ideal for clearing out multiple beeson at a time, such as the Sriracha Soaker or Biodegrader.

Difficulty scaling[]

The max health of beeson does not change with the Year.

Related Items[]

BeesonWhisperer.png Beeson Whisperer: Prevents the player from taking damage from any beeson. Instead, beeson will drop Fertilizer on contact.


Killing 100 beeson in one run unlocks the "Beeson D'etre" Achievement.