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Bats and Pterodactyls are types of Enemy in Atomicrops.

General Information[]

Bats are found in the first Plains area, whereas pterodactyls are found in the second. The two behave identically, although pterodactyls have significantly more max HP.


Bats and pterodactyls are exclusive to the Plains areas, and are found only in Camps. They are never found individually, but spawn in groups: bats in groups of eight, pterodactyls in groups of 10. All groups form a circle when idle, but shooting at them (or another member of the camp) will cause them to attack. When this happens, all enemies in the circle will charge directly at the player's location when the charge started, then return to flying in a circle around that new position. All bats or pterodactyls in the group must be defeated to clear a camp.

Difficulty scaling[]

The max health of bats and pterodactyls increases depending on the Year.

Elite Enemies[]

From Year 4 onwards, it is possible to encounter elite bats and pterodactyls.



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