Bark Skin

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The player's Bark Skin Stat increases their chance to block damage.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Bark Skin adds a chance for the player to not take damage where they otherwise would through Enemy bullets or contact damage. Upon being activated, a "Blocked" message will appear, and the player will have their invincibility frames activated, however their health will remain the same. In addition, when playing as Thyme the day will not decrease. Bark Skin is also capable of blocking Hotwire's damage, though the invincibility frames will not block further Hotwire damage, due to how Hotwire works. Initially, the player's save begins with zero Bark Skin, which cannot be increased through any Items during the run. Rather, Bark Skin can only be increased through permanent bonuses provided by Home Improvements and Topiaries. The specific sources can be seen below:

Table of Bark Skin Sources[edit | edit source]

Image Name Increase Source Name
Alien Ant Bark Skin Upgrade +1% Bark Skin Alien Ant
Chemist Ant Bark Skin Upgrade +1% Bark Skin Chemist Ant
Engineer Ant Bark Skin Upgrade +1% Bark Skin Engineer Ant
Sage Ant Bark Skin Upgrade +1% Bark Skin Sage Ant
Pig Topiary +0.5% Bark Skin Topiaries
Chicken Topiary +1% Bark Skin Topiaries

Note that for the above sources they are all additive, not multiplicative. For example, if the player already have a Bark Skin Stat at 3% and purchase the Chemist Ant Bark Skin Upgrade, they will have a new Bark Skin chance of 4%. The maximum possible amount of Bark Skin the player can have is 5.5%.