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The Backup Generator is a Golden Pupa loot Item that provides an additional Tractor charge.

General Description[]

The Backup Generator is an Item that can be found within common locations, including choice enemy Camps, given by Spouses, and rarely as a reward from Seasonal Festivals. Upon being picked up, the player will immediately be able to hold two charges on their given Tractor instead of a single one. This means players will be able to save more uses of their Tractor for later uses, such as on the Farm. If the player has Extra Tractor Slot both Tractors will benefit from this upgrade. If the player has the Motivator it will hold three charges instead of two.


Compared to other Items related to Tractors, the Backup Generator is the only one that allows the player to directly store multiple charges. However, despite this perk it does not necessarily allow players to gain more charges over the course of the run. If a Tractor is immediately used after it is fully charged this Item is not longer necessary, as the second charge won't be able to be filled. So most other Tractor related Items are more beneficial in that regard, such as Fertilizer Fuel Converter or Hotwire.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect Backup Generator: