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Atomic Orchid is a Golden Pupa loot Item that provides the player with a free Item everyday.

General Description[]

Atomic Orchid is an Item that can only be found in the form of Golden Pupa loot. Upon being picked up, a large, pink flower will appear next to the player's well on the Farm. A free, random Item will appear from the flower at the start of each new day. In addition, a Item will be available on the same day that the Item is acquired. The given Item cannot be others from the Golden Pupa loot, a Wedding Ring, or a Deervil Item. This effectively allows players a consistent source of additional Items for the remaining duration of the run. In order to maximize its effect, Atomic Orchid needs to be obtained as early as possible within the run, due to how it will not make up for any previous days where the Item was not present.


Compared to other means of gathering Items, Atomic Orchid is among the most effortless, as it only requires the player to pick up the given Item that it provides each day. This can make it easier to obtain Items as opposed to clearing Camps, buying them from Spouses for Roses, or getting them from Seasonal Festivals. However, because of how Atomic Orchid only blooms once per day the player will only benefit once per day for the remaining duration of the run. In addition, because of how this Item will not make up for previous days where it was not present players will be unable to benefit in that regard. Because of this, Atomic Orchid is best seen as a strong, additional source of Items rather than the best means to obtain further Items.