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Alien Pods are a type of Enemy in Atomicrops.

General Description[]

Alien Pods are an Enemy exclusive to the Farm.



Alien Pods are a unique Enemy that are created by Mini U.F.O.s, which are spawned during the U.F.B. Boss fight or during an Alien Moon. After they abduct a Farm Animal of any variety, an Alien Pod will spawn at the start of the following day or two for each Farm Animal taken. The Alien Ant also offers two upgrades that each allow a 2% chance to spawn an Alien Pod each day. Alien Pods spawned this way do not take from the current pool of the player's Farm Animals and instead will give a free, extra friend when broken. Once spawned Alien Pods will simply sit on the Farm, unable to move, and will be completely harmless to the player and their Crops.


Alien Pods can be broken open through any normal means of damage. Once broken, one of two things will occur: either the player will receive a Farm Animal that had been previously abducted or they will gain an Alien Pet. The spawn chance of an Alien Pet is determined by the amount of days the given Alien Pod has been sitting along with the player's Luck, which is represented by the following formula:

AlienPetDropChance = 0.1 X NumberOfDaysSinceSpawned + 0.25 X Luck
Where NumberOfDaysSinceSpawned is a whole number and Luck is a value between 0 and 1.

This means that for each day the Alien Pod is sitting the chance to drop the Alien Pet when broken increases by 10% in addition to 0.25 multiplied by the player's Luck value. Damaging an Alien Pod prior to breaking it does not play a factor in determining the drop chance of the Alien Pet.

Difficulty Scaling[]

Unlike most other Enemies, Alien Pods undergo no changes in their health value between Years. They will retain their health of 600 regardless of the current Year.

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