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The Air Freshener is an Item that fully charges the player's energy meter when a Tractor is activated.

General Description[]

Air Freshener is an Item that can be found within common locations, including choice enemy Camps, given by Spouses, and rarely as a reward from Seasonal Festivals. Upon being picked up, players will always become energized whenever using a Tractor. This effectively allows players to use their Tractors as a source of becoming energized, which in turn can be especially useful while on the Farm. Furthermore, Air Freshener can be useful when combined with Bloodlust, as player's will immediately be able to utilize its effect.


Compared to other Items, the Air Freshener is the only one that can immediately fill the player's energy bar. This in turn gives it a distinct advantage other means of becoming energized. However, because of how this Item relies on using Tractors players will be unable to utilize this Item during the given Tractor's cooldown period. This makes Hotwire an especially good pair, due to how it can be used to remove Tractor recharge time entirely.

Beneficial Upgrades[]

The following is a list of possible Items that can affect Air Freshener: