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10 New Achievements to put your skills to the test and let you unlock Topiaries.
~ Invasive Species Update Notes

Below is a complete table of all of the currently available Steam Achievements as of the Feline Good Update. Their icons, names, and descriptions are displayed. There are 26 Achievements total.

List of Achievements[]

Icon Name Description References and Clarifications (For when descriptions are unclear) Introduced (Based on Steam version)
Cashew Out Have 5,000 cashews. The player must have 5,000 Cashews in their pocket at once, not over the course of the run. Thyme Flies Update (1.1.0)
Cashew on the Flipside Have 15,000 cashews. The player must have 15,000 Cashews in their pocket at once, not over the course of the run. Thyme Flies Update (1.1.0)
Cashew Is King Have 30,000 cashews. The player must have 30,000 Cashews in their pocket at once, not over the course of the run. Thyme Flies Update (1.1.0)
Timber Kill all biome Tree Monsters in one run. The player must find all eight Golden Pupas and kill their respective Tree Guardians in a single run. Missing one or more will fail this Achievement's requirements. Thyme Flies Update (1.1.0)
Arboreal Deal Plant 4 different types of mega tree in one run. The player must have one mega Apple tree, one mega Banana tree, one mega Date tree, and one mega Peach tree at the same time. Thyme Flies Update (1.1.0)
Extra Fries Harvest 144 potatoes in a 10 seconds span. Any mega Potatoes harvested count as four Potatoes in this Achievement's requirement. Thyme Flies Update (1.1.0)
Beeson D'etre Kill 100 beeson in one run. Thyme Flies Update (1.1.0)
Year One Lotus Beat Year 1. Thyme Flies Update (1.1.0)
Demi-Decade Orchid Beat Year 5 Thyme Flies Update (1.1.0)
Corpse Flower Beat year 10. Thyme Flies Update (1.1.0)
Retromation's Hoodie Beat year 10 with Robusta. Patch 1.1.11f2
Ashes to Ashes Burn 150 crops in a single day. Invasive Species Update (1.2.0f2)
Herbicidal Maniac Cut 500 weeds in a single day. Invasive Species Update (1.2.0f2)
Dung Beetle Have 5000 fertilizer. The player must have 5,000 Fertilizer in their pocket at once, not over the course of the run. Invasive Species Update (1.2.0f2)
Helios Have 12 fully fertilized Sunflowers at the same time. Large Sunflowers count as 4. All of the Sunflowers must be alive and at their maximum height at the same time in order to fill this Achievement's requirement. Any dead or short Sunflowers will not count. Note that most items that increase Crop growth speed also affect Sunflowers, such as Growth Aura, and may make them die faster than expected. Invasive Species Update (1.2.0f2)
Roll Call Have 20 different types of large crops. All Crops used will need to be in their mega variants at the same time. Players will need to have 20 of the 21 non-Fruit Tree Crops planted at once, including some rare seeds like Heart Beets, Roses, Pumpkins, and Sunflowers. Note that the player can miss planting one kind of non-Fruit Tree Crop and still obtain this Achievement, due to there being 21 non-Fruit Tree Crops total. Invasive Species Update (1.2.0f2)
Blast Blossom Deliver final blow to a boss with the Megaton Tractor. Kill a Boss with the blast from the Megaton Tractor. Invasive Species Update (1.2.0f2)
Golden Gooseberry Flower Kill a Golden Goose. Invasive Species Update (1.2.0f2)
Bountiful Harvest Get max season yield for every season on year 5 or greater. While playing on Year 5 or higher the player must obtain the "MAX FULL" rating from the Mayor during Seasonal Festivals during Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter in the same run in order to get this Achievement. Invasive Species Update (1.2.0f2)
No pain, Only Grain Win without taking any damage. No yearly requirement is tied to this Achievement, meaning the player can achieve this during any Year. Any hits taken through Organic Armor do not impede getting this Achievement, meaning that the player can technically take one hit per day with this item and still get this Achievement. Invasive Species Update (1.2.0f2)
Rest in Peas Win with only the default Pea Shooter gun. No yearly requirement is tied to this Achievement, meaning the player can achieve this during any Year. Buying any Weapons at any point in the run will fail this Achievement, as players will be stuck with that given gun until it breaks. Invasive Species Update (1.2.0f2)
1337 Kill 6 elite enemies in 1 day without taking damage. No yearly requirement is tied to this Achievement, however because of how no Elite Enemies will spawn in Year 1, Year 2, or Year 3 and how Elite Enemies spawn in greater abundance in later Years, it is easiest to obtain this Achievement in later Years. Feline Good Update (1.4.0f1)
Moonflower Kill the moon. Must kill the Moon Pursuer during any Blood Moon event by using the Megaton Tractor on it three times. Feline Good Update (1.4.0f1)
The X-Flowers Let 10 animals get abducted in one day. Let 10 Farm Animals of any variety each be abducted by Mini UFOs in a single day. Feline Good Update (1.4.0f1)
Superflowerous Earn 6000 cashews in surplus mode. Feline Good Update (1.4.0f1)
Florist Harvest 1600 flowers in a single run. Weeds harvested with Vinaigrette count towards this total. Feline Good Update (1.4.0f1)


Topiaries - Unlock achievements to gain topiaries on your farmhouse. Topiaries provide permanent bonuses.
~ Invasive Species Update Notes

Topiaries are unlocked by unlocking a certain amount of Achievements. Upon reaching the specific requirement, a passive perk will be unlocked for the player. This passive perk is permanent and will affect all runs after being unlocked.

Icon Name Achievements Required Perk Unlocked
Banana Topiary 3 +0.5 Luck
Pig Topiary 6 +0.5% Bark Skin - Chance to block damage.
Weapon Topiary 10 +1% Gun Repair - Chance that gun won't break at the end of the day.
Heart Topiary 15 +1% Beet Drop - Chance to gain a Heart Beet Seed when damaged.
Chicken Topiary 20 +1% Bark Skin - Chance to block damage.
Pigeon Topiary 25 +0.5% Homing Pigeon - Chance that a pigeon will return when used.


  • Retromation's Hoodie is a reference to the YouTuber Retromation. He was the world's first to beat Year Ten as Robusta, winning a bet with the developers and subsequently this Achievement was added.
  • Upon unlocking the Retromation's Hoodie Achievement, an alternate skin for Robusta will be unlocked, where he will dress in a red hoodie and glasses.
    • This is currently the only Achievement that unlocks an alternate skin for any Character.
  • Rest in Peas was added due to a run completed by Mr. Aqua, where he beat Year Ten using only the Pea Shooter as Thyme, as shown in this Tweet on Twitter.
    • Unlike this run however, Rest in Peas does not have any yearly requirement tied into it. This is because the developer assumed that doing this Achievement on Year Ten would be "too brutal".
  • No pain, Only Grain is a play on the phrase "no pain, only gain".
  • Moonflower was considered to become an Achievement during the beta period for Doom and Bloom when it was reported by a user that the Megaton Tractor was able to kill the Moon Pursuer. The developer patched this interaction out but later reintroduced it in Feline Good to make an Achievement out of it.
  • 1337 is a play on the word "leet", which is slang for "elite", hence the requirement of the Achievement.
  • Superflowerous is a play on the word "superfluous", which means to do something in excess, hence the requirement of the Achievement.